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Acquitted Police Commander Files Lawsuit

Attorneys for a Chicago Police Commander acquitted earlier this year in a high-profile criminal case have filed a lawsuit against his accusers and the media, Crooked City has learned. 

Attorneys for Commander Glenn Evans are demanding damages from various defendants, including the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), the city agency that oversees complaints of misconduct against police officers, and several members of the media, including WBEZ radio station, for their role in investigating and bringing charges against Evans for an arrest Evans made in 2013.

"This is a process I have tried to avoid," Evans said in a previous interview. "But I feel obligated to proceed based on the ferocity and relentlessness of the attacks against me."

In the arrest that led to criminal charges against Evans, he was accused of sticking his pistol in the mouth of a gang member Rickey Williams in an abandoned building after Evans saw Williams running from the scene of a recent shooting carrying a pistol. Evans was charged with nine felony counts, but was acquitted after a bench trial. 

From the beginning of the case against Evans, the criminal charges began unraveling, revealing a dark picture of the efforts to indict him. At the beginning of Evans’ trial, for example, prosecutors dropped a bombshell in the courtroom, announcing to the judge that the city’s Inspector General had been investigating IPRA and their conduct in the case against Evans. This IG investigation uncovered evidence that allegedly bolstered Evans’ case.