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Threats To Officer After CBS Airs Hit Piece

It was 1999, and Northwestern Professor David Protess was in the midst of undermining a double murder conviction. 

Protess and his investigators had determined that Anthony Porter, a death row inmate, was innocent of a double murder in Washington Park in 1982. Rather, they argued, another man, Alstory Simon, had committed the murders. 

Armed with a bizarre recorded confession from Simon, it was delivered to CBS news in Chicago and broadcast around the world. 

But now the legitimacy of that confession has been called into question by Cook County prosecutors, who released Simon from prison in 2014. 

A short time later, a judge said Simon was innocent of the murders. 

Now that the case against Simon has unraveled so badly, one wonders about the decision at CBS to air the so-called confession by Simon without doing a little background check on it. After all, if CBS had done such a background check, Porter might not have gotten out of prison and Simon might not have been incarcerated for 15 years. 

Apparently, such a review of the tape’s legitimacy is not in keeping with the standards of reporting at CBS. 

Now that the Northwestern “investigation” against Simon has been rejected and he has been set free from prison, one would think that CBS would step back and review their coverage of police and wrongful conviction cases. 

Well, one would be wrong. 

The Northwestern argument about Porter being innocent and Simon guilty was based on the claim that detectives in the case framed Porter. A bombshell story of a wrongful conviction based upon the claim of police misconduct is just too irresistable to a news agency for whom vilifying the police is standard operating procedure. 

So when Simon got out of prison in 2014, CBS never muttered a word about their crucial role in the case. 

They pressed ahead with their anti-police message, none more so than “investigative reporter” Dave Savini. 

Last week, Crooked City detailed how Savini has initiated a media hit job against a Chicago cop, Michelle Murphy, who was dragged under an offender’s car in the course of a traffic stop in an alley on the south side. Because of Savini’s one-sided, malevolent piece about Murphy, she is now facing threats from the public. 

On June 1, someone posted the following statement on social media. In it, Ross shows a picture of the CBS segment by Savini on the Murphy hit piece. 


This was posted on June 1. Apparently for Savini, threats of kidnapping a police officer’s family does not merit coverage. 

But for Murphy, a mother, it’s terrifying. 

That’s not all. Part of Savini’s MO is to follow Murphy and confront her in public places to attack her with questions. In his segment, Savini and his editors included film footage of Muphy’s car and her license plate, a sickening invasion of her privacy and risk to her personal safety. With her plates broadcast, many people could find her address.

Nice guy, this Savini. 

As it is, there is no word on whether charges against the author of this post have been filed or what actions the FOP is taking in defense of Murphy.