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IPRA Under Fire?

An employee of the agency that investigates police abuse was fired last week for allegations of perjury. 

Now, new allegations are surfacing that former Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) employee Matrice Campbell is also being investigated by the city’s Inspector General for misconduct in the case against Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans. 

The allegations could be a devastating blow for the Cook County State’s Attorney, who has pursued a high-profile criminal case against Evans. 

The state’s attorney charged Evans with battery and official misconduct in 2014 for allegedly putting a gun in a suspect’s mouth. 

Media reports originally indicated that DNA evidence from the suspect, Rickey J. Williams, had been obtained from Evans’ gun. 

But in a court hearing today, defense attorneys for Evans reportedly revealed that Campbell is under investigation by the city’s Inspector General for a host of other abuses in connection with Evans’ case. Attorneys in the hearing also reportedly indicated that other IPRA employees may be targeted by the Inspector General. 

In today’s hearing, it was clear that defense attorneys—as well as Judge Cannon—believed that the allegations against Campbell in both cases may comprise a pattern of evidence. 

The termination of Campbell and the admission by attorneys that Campbell is the subject of a wider investigation is a clear sign that the case against Evans—which generated a media frenzy—is falling apart.