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Neil Steinberg Comment Shocking in its Ignorance and Bias...

Sun Times Columnist Neil Steinberg was on WBEZ radio yesterday, January 2, discussing the murder of two New York Police Officers and the police protests against the mayor there. Steinberg lashed out at the police, claiming their protest had no basis aside from their own chips on their shoulder. In fact, he said, the murders were for the police "a godsend to their message."

Every now and then the press in Chicago, of whom Steinberg is a shining example, let down their guard and reveal their intense bias, their extreme political views and their refusal to hear any opposing point of view.

But this comment by Steinberg is a new low, even for Chicago. 

The murders were a godsend to their message? Would Steinberg care to explain this comment? What is he suggesting, that some police officers secretly relish the opportunity these murders provide? These murders are a "godsend" to them? It's an unconscionable statement. And, of course, there is not a peep in protest from other members in the discussion, including Eric Zorn, another police hating columnist in Chicago.

The police outrage against De Blasio is legitimate. The mayor has betrayed the police time and again, beginning with his settlement of the Central Park Five case. That settlement filled the coffers of the likes of Al Sharpton and ruined the lives of dozens of police officers, detectives, and prosecutors, not to mention making a bunch of gang rapists rich.

Then came De Blasio's comments on the death of Eric Garner, claiming race played a factor. It was a comment that again threw the cops under the bus at a time activists throughout the country are threatening to kill police, throwing Molotov cocktails at them, looting, and stealing. It was a comment that was made just before two police officers were murdered.  

Conservative writer Heather MacDonald puts Mayor De Blasio's conduct in perspective: 

Following the nonindictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the lethal arrest of Eric Garner last July, de Blasio said that Garner’s death and the grand jury’s failure to indict sprung from “not years of racism . . . , or decades of racism, but centuries of racism.” The mayor worries “every night,” he said, about the “dangers” his biracial son, Dante, may face from “officers who are paid to protect him.”

In other words, de Blasio thinks that his son is at risk of injury or death from an NYPD officer every time he steps outside at night. And he sees the officers who tried to arrest a resisting Garner as the culmination of centuries of racism, even though the shopkeepers in the area who had been urging the police to clear up lawlessness were mostly minorities themselves.

It is impossible to overstate how inflammatory and ignorant de Blasio’s statements are. De Blasio’s pronouncements were merely a wordier version of the protest chants against “killer cops” and belonged to the national frenzy of cop-bashing that provoked the assassination of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

Since those cop murders, de Blasio has been furiously back-pedaling. He called the NYPD the “greatest and finest police department on this Earth” at the Police Academy graduation on Monday, and said that “it takes a special kind of person to put their lives on the line for others.”

But as long as de Blasio’s earlier claims hang out there unretracted, the overcompensation is simply insulting. Both propositions cannot be true: Dante cannot be in daily “danger” from the NYPD because of his skin color, while at the same time the NYPD is the finest police department on Earth.

Case closed. 

After this sickening comment about the New York Police murders, Steinberg rehashes in the rest of the program the tired lefty myths about police corruption and the thin blue line that prevents any cop from ever being caught for their malfeasance. 

Really? Look up Steinberg's bio and one thing jumps out: He's a graduate of Northwestern University. These are hardly days for journalists in Chicago, let alone those who have graduated from Northwestern, to be bashing the police for corruption and for maintaining silence over it. 

After all, where were the beacons of high principle and justice like Steinberg as a two-decade scam unfolded at Northwestern University, one in which members of the journalism and law school fraudulently released killers and obtained witnesses whose claims were deemed fraudulent in court? Where were they when the university framed an innocent man, then conspired to cover up the evidence? Those stories have been lingering around the city for many years now, but you won't hear Steinberg or his ilk mention it. Instead, when cops see a mayor throw them under the bus, a mayor who wheels and deals with the likes of a racist, lying agitator like Al Sharpton, and the police make a simple symbolic gesture in protest, why, Steinberg froths like a rabid dog. 

Well, a rabid Chihuahua, anyway.

In fact, the local media, including the Sun Times where Steinberg works, have conspired to bury the evidence of malfeasance at Northwestern and other wrongful conviction cases. Small wonder. When you scratch the surface of these cases, you find that many local journalists aided in that conspiracy.

These journalists ignored the truth of these cases simply because the lies about them "were a godsend to their message." 

The Anthony Porter case was overturned last month when Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez released the man Northwestern fraudulently put in prison for fifteen years, Alstory Simon. Alvarez cited the fact that Simon's constitutional rights had been violated.

Not a peep from Northwestern graduate Neil Stienberg about his alma mater running around violating people's rights, putting innocent men in prison and then committing crimes to get killers back out on the street, not to mention the ruined lives of the police and detectives who put them in prison to begin with. There is certainly no willingness by Steinberg to explore the dark cloud now suggesting that myriad other exonerations, like Madison Hobley, Aaron Patterson, Ronald Kitchen are all just as crooked. 

Talk about a thin blue line. 

Steinberg is a prime example of the cowardice and duplicity of so many disgraced journalists in Chicago, particularly those from Northwestern. His comments about the New York police murders are appalling. In probably any other city but Chicago, he would face censure. 

But this is the Crooked City.