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Interview With Officer shot in 2005. Governor Releases Offender From Prison

Outgoing Governor Quinn defied the entire justice system today and commuted the sentence of a man who shot three police officers during a traffic stop. 

Here is one of the officer's harrowing account of what happened in the shooting and then what unfolded in the trial. 


Here is the victim statement by Officer Wrigley:

In preparation for today, I carefully thought what I would say in regards to a man who almost ended my life.  The truth is, it's extremely difficult to put into words, my emotions and my thoughts of not only that night, but also the effect the last several years have had on me, my family, and my friends.  

 On February 21, 2005, a Chicago Police Officer went to work that night, as a man with 11 years of Law Enforcement experience.  In those 11 years, he served as a Police officer in multiple jurisdictions, and served communities of people from different races, cultures, religions, and backgrounds.  He always strived to maintain a good reputation within those communities, including Chicago, because he believed in the trust that should exist between the Police and the people it serves.  And, he always strived to do his job with fairness and compassion.  That was one of the Police Officers you encountered that night Mr. Morgan. That was me.   

 The night I crossed your path I was only doing what I have done a thousand times before.  Then you made a choice...  You shot me Mr. Morgan.  I don't think we will ever know how you came to that choice, but you have shown me what type of person you are in the events that followed that night. 

 What is so reprehensible Mr. Morgan, is you have shown no remorse or even an ounce of accountability in regards to your actions and choices that night.  In fact, you have done exactly the opposite.  You have attempted to lead, and you have allowed people of our community to believe you did nothing wrong.  You have attempted to hide behind the racial fears of our community, and manipulated organizations into believing that Police corruption was the cause of me being shot that night.  The very idea goes beyond reason.   You preyed upon fears and emotions, hoping to serve your own selfish agenda.  In doing so, you have further damaged the trust between our community and the Police.  But, you couldn't hide from the facts, and the truth of this case.  You are a fraud Mr. Morgan... that's also the truth.  

 I will leave here today with my head held high, knowing the truth of this case.  Knowing that justice was served fairly upon you Mr. Morgan.  I will continue to serve our community as a Chicago Police Officer after this day... with pride, but above all else, with fairness and compassion.