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D-Day for State's Attorney Approaching...Simon is Coming...

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez is facing a monumental decision. Will she release Alstory Simon from prison based upon the overwhelming evidence that he is innocent and that former prosecutors completely messed up the case, or will she keep Simon in prison? In short, will Alvarez follow the law or will she play politics? The decision is huge, not only for Alstory Simon but also for the Chicago Police Department, whose ranks have been devastated by the 30-year onslaught of abuse allegations by members of the Innocence Project and other wrongful conviction advocates.

Simon is scheduled to arrive in Chicago on Monday for an interview with prosecutors. 

The release of Simon could very well open the floodgates on Northwestern University and its two departments devoted to freeing supposed wrongfully convicted killers and rapists. Many rank and file police officers and detectives have long held that the vast majority of these claims are false, but the movement has succeeded nevertheless, vilifying the police and extolling the professors and students who have championed these convicted offenders. 

The consequences are dire for Chicago's media as well. If Simon is released, then a review of the media coverage that allowed a thug like Anthony Porter, who was originally convicted of the murders, will have to follow. How did the media allow the real killer to go free and an innocent man to be convicted without looking at the evidence? Four journalists in particular will have to explain how they missed all the evidence that the Northwestern case was a scam: Steven Mills, Eric Zorn, Mike Miner and Maurice Possley. 

So, Anita: law or politics? Truth or spin?