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Central Park Five Case: Wrongful Conviction Scam Goes National

In a case that mirrors the Anthony Porter scam, new Democratic Mayor of New York reverses his Republican predecessor and announces he will settle the wrongful conviction claim known as the Central Park Five Case. 

Mayor Bloomberg backed up the police and prosecutors for the arrest of several "wilding" youths for a vicious attack on a female jogger. The case made international news. The offenders confessed and the police amassed a mountain of evidence, all of which was "undermined" by the "confession" and DNA of a serious rapist and murderer. The fact is that this new confession added no new evidence and was filled with holes. Investigators admitted from the outset that there several offenders who were not caught. Bloomberg knew the wrongful conviction claims were false, the city attorneys knew it, and the cops and prosecutors knew it. Bloomberg stood tall. Now all Sharpton, lawyers wrongful conviction activists and the other misfits and race hustlers in the Democratic Party want the city to pay millions and the new Democratic Mayor is obliging. 

Next move by the radicals is all to predictable: Other inmates convicted by these detectives and prosecutors will claim they too were coerced into confessing and the avalanche of lawsuits will follow. With a Democratic Mayor in power, is there any doubt they will get more money? One only need look at Chicago under Mayor Daley for an answer to that question. 

This is the thanks detectives and prosecutors get for putting rapists and thugs in prison. They become the defendants. 

Pity the poor woman who was brutally assaulted by these scumbags and left for dead. Now they, like so many killers in Chicago, will likely become rich. 

For more information on this despicable move by New York's new mayor, check out this link