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Prosecutor Statement a Bombshell in Porter Case...

Is there any doubt now? Sworn statement reveals even key prosecutors didn't buy the Northwestern Investigation claims.

Former prosecutor Thomas Epach has reportedly signed an affidavit claiming he had grave doubts about the Anthony Porter release from prison for a double homicide in 1982, as well as the case against Alstory Simon, who was convicted for the same murders, all of which took place as the result of an "investigation" by the Innocence Project at Northwestern University. 

"I have remaining reservations about concerning the guilt of Alstory Simon for the murders of Hillard and Green. I believe the interests of justice requires that Alstory Simon be given a full hearing during which he is clearly being represented by attorneys whose sole concerns are his best interest," Epach said in the statement. 

The affidavit has apparently been sent to the state's attorney.

One wonders then, when will Alstory Simon, who has been in prison for more than a decade for these two murders, be given a hearing.