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Chicago Judge Gives Flint Taylor, PLO Nasty Slap down....

From the Chicago Tribune:


A Cook County judge today denied a new trial for a convicted murderer who alleged he was beaten into confessing by a detective who had worked under disgraced former Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

Shawl Whirl looked down as Judge Jorge Alonso ruled this afternoon that Whirl “was not credible” and denied his petition.

Whirl pleaded guilty to the 1990 murder of a taxicab driver. His case had been sent back to the Circuit Court by the Illinois Torture Relief and Inquiry Commission after a hearing on Whirl’s claims that he was slapped and beaten by a Burge underling.

But Alonso noted that Burge had left Area 2 several years earlier and found that certain details in Whirl’s petition – including that the detective had held a potato chip bag over his mouth – hadn’t been raised in his earlier claims.

Whirl’s brother Dwain Howard, said he was “extremely disappointed” by the judge’s ruling. “I just expected a different outcome,” he said.

G. Flint Taylor, Whirl’s attorney, said he plans to appeal the decision.

Can it be? A Judge finally looked closely at the evidence in a wrongful conviction claim by the People's Law Office? And what did he find? Burge wasn't even around at the time. How, then, did the Illinois Torture and Relief Commission not observe the fact that Burge wasn't even in the Area at the time and let the case go forth? The commission has been under intense fire the last few months, from the family members of murder victims to State's Attorney Alvarez, to Governor Quinn. Kudos to this judge for not bowing to political pressure. The ruling is one more example the Illinois Torture and Relief Commission serves little purpose other than rubber stamping wrongful conviction claims at the taxpayers expense.