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Investigator in Simon Case Spells Out Wrongful Conviction Tactics...

Few journalists in the Chicago pay much attention to Jim Delordo or his partner John Mizzola. Perhaps they'll start to soon, as it was their investigation and their fight for more than a decade to obtain the release of Alstory Simon from prison last week. 

Both former federal agents, Delordo and Mizzola have spent much of their time as private investigators focusing on wrongful conviction cases. Their view of the wrongful conviction movement is hardly enthusiastic, but their compilation of facts and their interpretations often win out in the legal system. It certainly did in the Simon/Porter case, as they have argued for many years that Northwestern's innocence Project freeing of Anthony Porter from prison for a double homicide and their framing of Alstory Simon for the same murders was nothing more than a criminal conspiracy. 

Their arguments took vivid shape in the decision last week by Anita Alvarez to free Simon from prison, a decision she made because Simon's rights were violated by Northwestern.

Here, Jim Delordo spells out the modus operand of how wrongful conviction attorneys undermine cases: