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Court Document Adds to Evidence that Confession Tainted

Time and again, journalists have asked why Alstory Simon would repeatedly confess to two murders if he didn't do it. Originally, Anthony Porter had been sentenced to death row for the killings. 

But after Northwestern's Innocence Project got involved in the case, they obtained a bizarre confession on tape 16 years after the murders. Simon has repeatedly claimed this "confession" was coerced from him after threats of violence, then promises of wealth through movie and book deals, along with the guarantee of a short prison sentence. 

Simon's claims of a coerced confession were largely ignored by the courts and the media. After all, why would he confess to something he didn't do?

But the question reveals clearly that reporters covering the story did not look very deeply into it. There is plenty of evidence that Simon didn't want to plead guilty.

This document from Feb. 8, 1999, reveals that Simon did not want to plead guilty to the murders. Notice the line Def demands trial...If Simon wanted to plead guilty, why did he demand a trial? 

Court Document