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Media Ignores Bombshell Evidence in Hobley Case

Eric Zorn missed it. Steven Mills missed it. Mike Miner missed it. 

But it's all right there, another bombshell statement in a major wrongful conviction case pointing once again to the fact that a so called wrongfully convicted man was, in fact, guilty of a heinous multiple murder.

As the evidence piles up that Northwestern University's Innocence Project knowingly exonerated a guilty man in a 1982 double homicide, Anthony Porter, and incarcerated the wrong man for the murders, Alstory Simon, more evidence piles up that Madison Hobley, convicted in a 1987 arson that killed seven people, was guilty.

This is a statement from an inmate who knew Hobley. The inmate, Darryl Simms said Hobley admitted to the murders repeatedly. Simms reportedly made these statements to federal investigators. 

The arson was a horrendous crime that killed Hobley's wife and son, along with five others. Some 17 others were also injured, many as they tried to escape the burning building. There were accounts of parents tossing their infant children from upper windows.

Hobley was freed after "journalists" like Mills and John Conroy initiated the wrongful conviction playbook against police and prosecutors.  

But the truth is that legal inquiry after legal inquiry pointed to Hobley as the offender. Hobley was not only released from prison, he was given $6 million.

Even more troubling is the fact that another central witness in the case claims Hobley's lawyer, Andrea Lyon, and a private investigator, Paul Ciolino, both came to his house and offered him a bribe to change his testimony. Ciolino has faced the same accusations from several other witnesses in other cases, including the Porter case.

Now that the Porter case is falling apart and evidence mounts of malfeasance in other wrongful conviction cases, these activists journalists refuse to admit how badly they blew it. 

Two people murdered in the Porter case, seven in the Hobley case. 

That's nine murders.