Crooked City

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When a Criminal Justice System Implodes...

What happens when a criminal justice is taken over by a small group of activists who will do anything to achieve their goals? What happens when these ideologues have the backing of the media and the academy?

Perhaps no one can tell the story better than the detectives who were in the eye of the storm.

The Cook County State's Attorney has taken up a review of the Anthony Porter case, in which career gang enforcer Anthony Porter was exonerated for a double murder and Alstory Simon took Porter's place in prison for the 1982 murders.

A dark picture emerges of the investigation conducted by David Protess, Paul Ciolino and the students at Northwestern University's Innocence Project.

And now a top prosecutor has come forward and challenged the decision to free Porter and convict Simon, adding another layer of doubt in the case and forcing a central question: Why did the State's Attorney free Porter and convict Simon in 1999?

A central detective in the Porter case describes what happened...